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Newest innovations in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality continues to grow because of marketplace competition. Major companies such as Facebook, Sony, Samsung, and Google invest in VR. Of course, that means major companies will offer new innovations in virtual reality that will affect industries nearly across the board. Once the major internet and telecommunication companies develop new technology to stay on top of the market, more consumers will have exposure to the products. Likewise, companies and organizations will incorporate VR. Explicitly, the newest innovations in virtual reality include the following:


Facebook bought the company Oculus. Recently, Oculus developers have produced Oculus Quest. The Quest is a model, similar to how iPhones release new models like the iPhone X. The upgrade to the Oculus product mainly lies in the amount of hardware. Now, people don’t have to lug around as much of a computer or other such hardware as before, even though the headset remains bulky to accommodate what’s necessary to store on the hardware itself. In any case, Facebook has contributed to VR becoming even more mainstream and accessible.

Most people know of Facebook, even if not everyone is a facebook member. Now that Facebook is looking for a return on investment, after pouring a sizeable amount of money into the technology, that means more consumers will have exposure to VR. Namely, any industry you can think of currently develops software to meet other companies’ release of VR innovations. For example, major porn companies have developed VR porn movies on a large scale, because of the projection that consumers will want to use VR headsets to enhance watching porn.


Sony developed PlayStation VR to keep up with competitors. The reason a consumer would opt for a PlayStation VR over any Oculus product lies in that he or she already has a PlayStation. Instead of buying a completely new system, Sony customers can just add the VR additions to already acquired hardware. Also, Sony partners with major artists from all sorts of genres, who use have used virtual reality for marketing or promotion, including Khalid or Joshua Bell.


Samsung Gear VR works with Samsung smartphones. Samsung customers, who already have a Samsung smartphone, will benefit from the new innovations. The company has offered consumers a way to watch TV and shows specifically designed for VR. Of course, Pornhub has produced new VR porn videos, compatible with Samsung’s innovations in VR technology.


Google previously developed an app called Google Expeditions for traveling via VR. Now, with its new Daydream VR, Google will make it easier for all sorts of industries to incorporate VR even more. Now, even travel companies will want to market new destinations with Google’s VR technology because customers will have the chance to preview the destinations before making a purchase.

As is standard, Google has made Daydream VR compatible with Google smartphones. Clearly, companies want to create a lot of hardware and software in-house, so that customers will feel compelled to keep buying Google products. This is in part why virtual reality has taken off so much recently. Companies want to say relevant by mass-producing VR technology—which is why consumers will continue to see new innovations in Virtual Reality. It’s yet to be determined whether further innovations will lie mostly in applications or new hardware.