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There are some great conferences, conventions, summits, symposiums, events, and trade shows for inventors taking place all year round. We’ve rounded up the top few in 2019.

Product Development & Innovation Summit 2019

This event, which takes place in Berlin at the end of May 2019, focuses on novel approaches, solutions, and insights gain competitive advantage, tailor, and accelerate development and innovation processes. Emphasis is placed on the customer’s wants and needs to boost motivation and loyalty in a dynamic marketplace.

Canada Innovation Week

This convention is aimed at fortifying Canadian innovation culture. It brings together stakeholders and partners from the innovation ecosystem to cultivate, connect, and celebrate the wonders of Canadian innovation.

Social Innovation Summit 2019

This is an annual event representing a global convening of unconventional, out-of-the-box thinkers that takes place on June 4 and 5 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The summit claims to bring together people who want to act and not just talk, which is what sets it apart from all the rest.

Inventures 2019

This networking event, taking place in Calgary, AB, Canada from June 5 to June 7, is a “must-attend” for creative minds. It brings together start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, venture capitalists, and service providers to find and share the latest in innovation.

ISPIM Innovation Conference

If you don’t mind the heat, ISPIM is the place to be in mid-June (Florence, Italy). It connects inventors, researchers, managers, consultants, and executives to share innovation insights, learn about the local innovation scene, experience fun social events, and become part of a global community of innovation management. Florence is a beautiful city with a reputation of being one of the most innovative and creative places in the world.

FLA: Design Thinking & Innovation

Our last choice takes place in mid-September in London, UK. Every year, it features a unique program for creative entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and designers, introducing them to the most innovative companies in the English capital. The forum explores the latest trends and discoveries in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sustainability and the technology of the future. Visitors learn about cutting edge approaches to creativity, business, and product management in a pleasant and informal atmosphere.

All workshops and lectures take place in the actual agencies, giving visitors a better context of the topic. The event aims to give people inspiration in their daily lives, help them receive expert opinions on current projects, and make them fully aware of the latest industry trends.