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You may be the person or the company to create bleeding-edge tech or be the first to start using it, propelling you ahead of competitors. Still, it’s important to be cautious with investments because not all new tech trends end up catching on. We anticipate the following bleeding-edge tech advances this year.

The Blockchain is Back

2018 may have been a bad year for this particular technology, but this year, we will witness new applications and maybe even several breakout companies. Early adopters are putting their faith in AI. Their community believes it will cross over into the mainstream in 2019, solving real people’s problems in a variety of sectors and industries.

Connectivity Expansion

Forbes Magazine writes that experts expect an explosion of connected devices that propel society forward with an intuitive working and living system. There are clear indications that there will be more connected consumer and business devices this year.

Enhanced Automation

People still struggle with a lot of time-consuming, mindless tasks. This year, everyone hopes to expect more apps and tools that fulfill these tasks for consumers and business owners.

Practical Implementation of Augmented Reality

AR hit the market a few years ago and is currently available with mobile devices. It will keep growing this year after hitting mobile devices as fun games and activities and will start being applied in practice. AR will become integrated into most marketplace apps as developers become more accustomed to the technical functionality and give their imagination free rein.

Negative Influence of Tech: Circumventing the Backlash

2018 was a bad year for tech in general, with a lot of noise surrounding the adverse effect of technology on our society, democratic process, and interpersonal relationships. Critics failed to propose viable solutions, whether in the form of introducing regulations or providing alternatives to technology. In 2019, we will use tech differently, and we’ll use different tech.

Improved Cybersecurity Using AI and ML

2019 will be a year to remember in cybersecurity. Tendencies are already showing that the tech world is concentrating on the sector and keeping up with foes by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and protect against attacks. People will see a much faster and less costly response to enemy attacks as these technologies grow and develop.

Most Important: Tech Convergence

In 2019, society is about to witness the biggest generational shift in tech. The buzzword-loaded areas of AR, AI, blockchain, and machine learning are all impressive on their own, but when they converge, an incredible amount of value will be created for business. They will lead to unprecedented gains in productivity after they become integrated into standard processes.